Fair Hill Stables is located in Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area and has over 80 miles of trails to explore on horseback.  The park was once owned by the DuPont's and was later sold to the state of Maryland to become preserved property.  The park caters mainly to horses, hosting many different horse events and offering many beautiful places to visit and see on horseback.  Fair Hill also hosts the Fair Hill International in October, a huge three-day event that brings thousands of people to the park, and we can't forget the Cecil County Fair, another large event on the property, which is held every year in July.  


Our barn was once a foxhunting barn owned by William DuPont, and you can still see the dog kennels the hounds used to stay in right next to the barn.  There are still some old foxhunting jumps around the park and if you keep an eye out you may spot a few on our trail rides.  We have quite a variety of trails to use and every field has something different to offer, so no matter how many times you ride with us there is always something different to see.  Come out and ride with us at Fair Hill and experience natural beauty at its best with one of our reliable horses and a knowledgeable guide!

Fair Hill Stables

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