Fair Hill Stables

Meet our family of trail guides!

The guides of Fair Hill have formed a tight-knit family.  We love to share our passion for horses with others.  All guides have at least ten years of experience with horses and have spent a lot of time exploring Fair Hill's woods and fields.  We are look forward to meeting you and sharing our passion for the park and horses with you!    
Ken Emerson

Ken came to the barn for a trail ride in 2000 and never left.  Now he is the owner and spends almost every day at the barn.  He loves taking care of the horses and meeting new people.   Ken has a knack for fixing things and has put that to work in the barn. 
Jennifer Facciolo

Jen has been riding since she was 8 years old and has been a trail guide at Fair Hill for about 11 years.  She has extensive experience and knowledge in many areas of riding, including English and Western styles.  She also teaches lessons at Fairwinds Stables on Fridays and works as a preschool teacher during the week.  Jen takes out trails on Saturdays for Fair Hill and is always happy to answer any questions riders have.

Laura Johnson

Laura started riding horses at age five and has many years of experience as a lesson instructor.  She is currently our week day lesson instructor and also guides some trail rides when she has time between teaching.  To check out an interview conducted by the Cecil WhigClick Here.
Julia Reilly

Julia started riding over 19 years ago and
became a trail guide in 2000 at our barn.  
Julia sometimes competes with Breeze
in lower level dressage competitions.
During the week Julia works as a legal
administrator, but you can find her at the barn
on Sundays guiding trails. 

Stephanie Hurley

Stephanie has had a life long association with horses. She started riding harness horses at age 6 at her families racing stable. She transitioned to the saddle when some unruly horses refused training with a harness bike, and she has been riding ever since! Stephanie works in the Regulatory and Compliance field and can be found at the Barn guiding trails during the weekend.

Linda Catinella

Linda has been a trail guide at Fair
Hill for about 11 years and enjoys
 taking out rides with her horse
Mocha Latte.  Linda is working
with Mocha on basic dressage and
schooling over low fences in her
 spare time.  During the week she
works as a dental hygienist, but can
usually be found at the barn on
Saturdays guiding trails.

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